Everything you need to know about Claudin, Collagen, and Activated Silk™ peptides.

Skin Barriers & Claudin:
you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone

Your skin barrier refers to the outermost layer of your skin (the epidermis) and it’s responsible for regulating water loss and protecting you from environmental irritants. It’s usually not until skin barrier damage becomes visible (with dryness, discoloration, or oversensitivity) that we realize we need to take action to protect ourselves.

If you looked through a microscope, you’d see that what makes a skin barrier healthy is an abundance of claudin. Claudin is the protein that binds your skin cells together to keep your barrier intact. Aging, stress and the environment all reduce claudin. This causes your skin cells to drift apart. Once your skin cells aren’t touching, they make even less claudin. It’s a difficult cycle to interrupt.

Collagen Production:
going deep into The Matrix

Below the skin barrier is the dermis, where the collagen matrix plumps our skin, giving us a youthful appearance. The collagen matrix is formed by two processes. First, fibroblast cells must secrete pro-collagen (literally, pre-collagen). Second, a catalyst must convert pre-collagen into collagen strands.

Our collagen matrix degrades when we experience a reduction in both capabilities: pro-collagen production and collagen conversion. Because our skin is an external organ, this decline is visible, appearing as fine lines, crepey skin or the hollowing of our features. 

Activated Silk™ Peptides:
a bioactive breakthrough for younger, healthier looking skin

We’re a biotech that specializes in barrier science.

We realized early on that the unique molecular behavior of silk proteins (or peptides) had the potential to create high-performing skincare ingredients that are both gentle and sustainable. We began by extracting peptides from natural, renewably sourced* silk cocoons and then focused on developing solutions that could target skin performance decline at the source.

After nine years of lab work and clinical trials, we finalized the design of two game-changing polypeptides: Activated Silk™ 33B for the skin barrier and Activated Silk™ 27P for the collagen matrix.

Formulated to seamlessly layer into any existing skincare routine, our Barrier Redux Emulsion and Collagen Redux Serum work harmoniously to offer gentle, multi-level support for all skin types.

*like seriously sustainable, read more here.