What is Activated Silk™ 33B, and why does skin love it?

Skin Barriers & Claudin: you don’t know what you’ve got til its gone

Your skin barrier refers to the outermost layer of your skin (the epidermis) and it’s responsible for regulating water loss and protecting you from the environment—including cancer-causing harmful UV rays, pollution and acne-causing irritants. Important stuff! Skin barrier damage happens to all of us, though it may not be obvious until visible symptoms occur, such as dryness, sagging, oversensitivity, or discoloration.

If you looked through a microscope, you’d see that what makes a skin barrier healthy is an abundance of claudin. Claudin is the protein that tightly binds your skin cells together to keep your barrier intact. When you begin to lose claudin, the problem is self-perpetuating. Aging, stress and the environment reduce claudin. This causes your skin cells to drift apart. Once your skin cells aren’t touching, they make even less claudin. It’s a difficult cycle to interrupt.

Activated Silk™ 33B: a breakthrough in barrier performance technology, made naturally

We’re a biotech that specializes in barrier science, and in 2014 we began studying skin barrier performance. We focused on silk protein (or peptides), realizing that their unique behavior could create innovative, barrier-boosting skincare ingredients. After eight years of lab work and clinical trials, we finalized the design of Activated Silk™ 33B.

Activated Silk™ 33B is made by extracting peptides from natural, renewably-sourced silk and designing them into a unique polypeptide solution, made specifically to support a healthier looking skin barrier.