Collagen Redux Serum with Activated Silk™ 27P

Collagen Redux Serum with Activated Silk™ 27P

1 oz

Activated Silk™ 27P, the innovative key ingredient in Collagen Redux, supports the skin’s natural production of collagen. That’s how this twice-daily serum visibly improves fine lines, elasticity and firmness. And unlike ingredients like retinol, Activated Silk™ 27P is gentle and non-irritating on skin, even with UV exposure. This lightweight serum can be applied after cleansing or layered under Barrier Redux Emulsion to optimize barrier-collagen collaboration.

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Clinically Proven

agreed skin had a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance01

agreed the appearance of firmness and elasticity of skin increased01

agreed skin looked and felt plumper and smoother01

agreed skin looked and felt more hydrated01

It’s not magic. It’s science.

The fullness of your skin is determined by your collagen matrix. The collagen matrix is formed in two distinct phases. First, your cells need to produce pro-collagen. Second, the pro-collagen needs to be converted into collagen. If you want to minimize collagen decline, both phases need to be activated. That’s why we developed Activated Silk™ 27P. This natural-derived, bioactive peptide supports your natural production of collagen, bringing radiance and smoothness back to your skin.


01Based on a consumer perception study of 35 subjects using the serum twice daily over a 28-day period.

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