Good Days Skin Spray with Activated Silk™ 33B

Accepted National Eczema Association

Good Days Skin Spray with
Activated Silk™ 33B

1.35 fl oz

The only skin spray that delivers Activated Silk™ 33B bioactive peptides, clinically proven to reduce the look and feel of dryness, redness, irritation and itch common to eczema-prone skin.01 This lightweight spray supports the skin barrier to help keep moisture in and instigators out. No goop on your skin, no stickiness under your sweater, no harsh ingredients that irritate your skin and deplete the planet. That’s a good-skin day, indeed.

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Clinically Proven

said it reduced the appearance of redness, discoloration and inflammation01

said it reduced dryness and flakiness01

said it improved skin texture and smoothness01

said it reduced itch and irritation often associated with eczema-prone skin01



“Amazing! It keeps my skin smooth and hydrated.”


Skin Spray

100% amazing. Clinically speaking.

100% of people in our clinical study said Good Days Skin Spray visibly reduces itchiness and irritation common to eczema-prone skin with a soothing, calming effect. The non-greasy, lightweight solution dries quickly and won’t leave a sticky residue behind.01


01Based on a clinical study of 29 subjects with eczema-prone skin using the skin spray over a 7-day use period.

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